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Taco Bell loyalty card is a program which can be used by the customers to get many free rewards. Loyalty card is a part of the loyalty program that often being conducted by many fast food restaurants including the Taco Bell. Although the loyalty card is sometime only valid and available in several Taco Bell states, but you can always try to visit any Taco Bell restaurant and ask for whether they still offering or implement such loyalty program for their customers. If they offer loyalty card then it is recommended to use them so you can get some benefits which not available for non-loyalty card users.

What is Taco Bell loyalty card?

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Loyalty card is a program used by Taco Bell to encourage their customers to continue eating in any Taco Bell restaurants and purchase their products. In other words, it is a part of their marketing strategies to gather data about their customers and in exchange, the company will give the customers coupons, discounts, points for merchandises, and many more that can be used when they visit the restaurant.  The loyalty card is usually available in either digital form or physical form and years ago, the Taco Bell also launched Taco Bell loyalty program in their payment application as well.

Is Taco Bell loyalty program still available? If you want to know whether the Taco Bell loyalty program is still available then you can ask the customer service every time you visit the restaurants. The loyalty program is may or may not available in the form of loyalty card or application. The loyalty program will give a lot of benefits for its customers.

Here is what you need to do when visit Taco Bell restaurant:

  • Ask the Taco Bell staffs whether they have loyalty card and if there is any then use it to get any rewards including free food, discount, gift card, etc. Rewards may different according to the company program.
  • If there is no loyalty card or program then you can still get a chance to win a prize by joined in their customer feedback survey.
  • You can also ask for voucher in-store and sometime the voucher can be used with loyalty card if it is available to get a discount.

Just make sure that you ask to gather any information regarding the loyalty card or program of the Taco Bell restaurant.

How to update taco bell offer and promotion?

Taco Bell usually has a lot of offers and promotions to offer their customers. It can be in the form of discounts, coupons, free foods, taco bell Wednesday offer, and many more. If you want to update information related the offers then you can check their status on Taco Bell twitter or Facebook Tacobell.

Another alternative is to login to Taco Bell account and subscribe their newsletter as well as download Taco Bell mobile application. When you signup to Taco Bell official account, they will send you many special offers and you can also check for their merchandise and check the balance of your Taco Bell gift card.

How to access Taco Bell account?

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If you want to start access Taco Bell account then you need to go to tacobell.com/register and start make a new account. Alternatively, you can also login to the Taco Bell account by using Facebook account. Here is step by step to ready login to the Taco Bell official account:

  • Visit tacobell.com and go to their registration page.
  • On the registration page, you will see ‘create your account’ option and you can select whether you want to login with Facebook or you want to create new account.
  • If you choose to create new account then start enters your personal data on the blank space available like name, e-mail address, and new password. Click Sign Up afterward.
  • You will receive notification sent to your e-mail and you are ready to access Taco Bell account.

With Taco Bell account, you can place your order online, get exclusive offers, faster checkout, and other benefits which available for the members only. If you forget your password then you just need to click on ‘Forgot Password’ option.

Tell The Bell customer satisfaction survey

Tellthebell.com is Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey that offers amazing $500 cash price for each customer that participates in the survey each period. If you can find free rewards by signup on Taco Bell account then in this survey you can get a chance to win big cash as the prize.

What you should do and prepare to participate in Tellthebell survey and sweepstakes? What you need to do is just answer several questions about your experience with Taco Bell recently on their official survey site and give your personal contact details. You need to login to the survey by using 16-digit survey code located on your recent Taco Bell receipt. However, if there is no Taco Bell survey code on your receipt then you can use store numbers or time and date when you visit the restaurant recently.

How to enter Tell The Bell survey and join in Taco Bell Sweepstakes?

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There are two ways to participate in Tell The Bell customer survey and get a chance to join in their sweepstakes program. You can access the survey online or send hand printed survey to Taco Bell mail address. However, we will going to give you guides to join it online:

  1. Visit tellthebell.com.
  2. On the login page, enter the unique 16-digit code on the recipe and click ‘Start’.
  3. If you want to enter the survey with Spanish language then choose Espanol language option.
  4. Answer the multiple choice survey questions, read all the questions carefully and answer them honestly.
  5. After you complete the multiple choice questions, you will be asked to provide your contact details. Just provide your data and click submit and the survey is done.

The Taco Bell will contact the sweepstakes winner and please take a note that the sweepstakes program is only valid for customer with minimum age at least 18 years old or more. If you have questions or Tell The Bell complaint, you can contact the authorized Tell The Bell survey company.

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