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Through the the customer can give some feedback to Panda Express Restaurant by answering some survey questions. The Panda Express itself is a restaurant that serves Chinese American food. In fact in the US area this restaurant is considered as the biggest Asian. This is why; they would need to ensure to give the best product and the best service for their customers. Thus having feedback from the customers that uses their product and service is important for the company’s reliability. And the customers can use the website link to give their feedback and ensure that if they have any concern, then their concern will be heard by the right parties.

Panda Express Restaurant

Panda Express Restaurant -

The Panda Express itself is founded by the three members of Cherng families along with the other group subsidiaries which are the Panda Inn as well as Hibachi San inside a Panda Restaurant Group inc. Two of the founder which is Ming Tsai Cherng the father as well as Andrew Cherng the son actually comes from the Jiangsu province in China at Yangzhou region. Meanwhile the third founder Peggy is raised at Hong Kong even though born at Burma. Andrew and Peggy were met firstly at the Baker University which located at Baldwin City, Kansas.

Andrew Cherng’s parents are moving to the US in 1973, and then he and his father Ming Tsai Cherng then open their first business which is the Panda Inn Restaurant in their first location at Pasadena, California. However, at first their business does not come very well, thus Andrew have to offer some freebies as well as special deals to encourage more customer to dine in their restaurant. Then later Peggy finally joined the business in 1982 to help the restaurant.

Meanwhile during their work Andrew get to know Terry Donahue which was working at UCLA as their football coach. Then through Terry, Andrew would then know Dan which is his brother who works in real estate as their business. From this connection, Andrew gets some offer from Donahue Schriber who works as a real estate manager in Glendale Galleria. The offer is for Andrew to open the Panda Inn but in the form of fast food since they would be open at their food court. That is when Panda Express first created in the month of October in the same year. feedback Survey -

Panda Express Development

At first the Panda Express only opens their restaurant inside big shopping malls at the food court. However in late years of the eighties era, they begin some experiment by opening new branches that are supermarket based. This is done by opening restaurant locations that are standalone or from deals that they have with Vons. Then later at 1977 finally they also open a standalone restaurant in the concept of drive through which located at Hesperia, California. Now their restaurants are mostly standalone restaurant and only 2 percent of them are opened inside malls.

Their headquarter is located at Rosemead, California however they have more than 2000 restaurants which opened in all 50 states of the America along with other countries such as Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Canada, Guam, South Korea, Mexico, as well as Arab Emirates. They also have more than 25,000 employees with various restaurant group jobs. The Panda Express is different from the Panda Inn since the Panda Express is more into casual style fast food restaurant meanwhile their corporate sister which is the Panda Inn is more into upscale chain with table service style restaurant.

Panda Express Chinese American Food Menu

Panda Express Restaurant Menu -

That is why the Panda Express restaurant, is known for three things which are their quantity, their quality as well as their prices which is affordable. The taste of their Chinese American food is also very famous compared to the other restaurant in the state. The fact that they are giving large amount of food in their menu which comes with more affordable prize compared to the other restaurant, also affects their popularity. Not to mentions that they provide their menu with excellent customer service and at welcoming atmosphere in their restaurant makes them winning a lot of customers favor. It is also very easy to find the restaurant everywhere which makes people often visit their restaurants.

The Panda Express menu is consist of Chinese American food with different varieties such as Firecracker chicken, Kung Pao chicken, orange chicken, grilled teriyaki, Beijing Beef, and many others. They also offer their food in Combo Meal which served to the customers according to their choice from mixed vegetables, chow mein, steamed rice, or fried rice. The items from Panda Express are famous for not having any MSG even when they are already delivered to the restaurant. The Panda restaurant also does not purchase any item from suppliers that add MSG to their items.

The affordable price that they offer for their menu is another thing that the customer loves from this restaurant. Thus people that want to search for a budget meal can still go and have their meal from the Panda Express restaurant. Not to worry since the meal also comes in full size, thus you can still make your tummy become full even though you do not spend too much money on doing so. In fact you can get quality meal by spending only ten dollars from your budget for your meal. This is great since you can get both nice quality food with great quantity which can make your stomach feel full from the food.

Panda Express Restaurant Service

Besides their excellent menu, the Panda Express restaurant is also famous for their customer service. This makes the atmosphere that they have in their restaurant feels welcoming to the customer since their employee always welcome the customer that comes into the restaurant. The best service that they have is a chance for the customer to first do some taste to the food before ordering. This service is not offered by other restaurant, which make the Panda Express customer very happy with this service. The reason might be because the service is useful for the customers that have not eaten the specific food beforehand. Thus they can be sure that they like the food that they order since they have taste it before ordering the full menu. Thus you can gladly spend your money by ordering the food that you like.

Rules to Follow for Panda Express Restaurant Feedback Survey

Before you can follow the Panda Express feedback survey then first you need to know the rules that apply into this survey. Some of the rules that you have to follow are:

Panda Real Receipt -

  • The participant should be at minimum 18 years of age and above
  • The participant should do some purchase at a participating Panda Express restaurant to get the receipt used to participate in the feedback survey.
  • The feedback survey should be taken at maximum 2 days after the visit from a participating Panda Express restaurant.
  • The participant is not a Panda Express employee and their family members.
  • The participant can only redeemed one coupon in one visit time.
  • The panda express redemption code can only be redeemed once.
  • The participant needs to complete the feedback survey to get the panda express free entree code

What to Prepare Before Doing Panda Express Restaurant Feedback Survey?

If you want to get free panda express food, then you might want to try and doing their feedback survey. But first of all there are a few things that you need to prepare beforehand such as:

  • A receipt that you get from Panda Express purchase that you have done before which has the store number in four or five digits, order number, and other information needed to do the panda express/feedback.
  • A pen to write your validation code.
  • Any device with a functional browser
  • A good connection to the internet
  • Knowledge of a basic English language

How to do Panda Express Restaurant Feedback Survey Step by Step

Once you have all of those things needed, then now it is time for you to do the panda express survey which allows you to get the free food afterwards. To be able to do the feedback survey then you only need to do these easy steps by steps method:

  1. Take the device that you have prepared before and open the browser.
  2. Type panda (without space in between) or com/survey in the browser address and enter to open the website.
  3. Wait until the browser direct you to the right panda survey
  4. Once the panda express/feedback page is open, then you need to write the store number in four or five digits at the available field. You can find the store number in the top part of the receipt that you have prepared before. Click Next to continue and open the next page.
  5. On the next page, you will need to input the order number which available at the receipt that you have prepared before.
  6. Then you need to choose the order type that you made such as drive thru, drive in, dine in, and many others.
  7. Now enter the time as well as the date of the visit that you made which available at the receipt that you have prepared before.
  8. Then you can start your panda express free entree survey by answering all of the available questions. Try to answer the entire questions honestly since your answer will be used to improve panda job, product and service.
  9. Next you will get offer to sign up to the website so you can receive information about their new products, special offers, local restaurants and events.
  10. After the feedback survey is complete then you will get a validation code for your coupon.
  11. Take your receipt and pen then use it to write the validation code that you get from completing the feedback survey on the field that available at the receipt that you have prepared before.
  12. Now you can use the receipt to redeem your free food in the next visit to the Panda Express.

How to Connect with Panda Express Restaurant

Connect with Panda Express Restaurant -

If you still have some doubt regarding the feedback and survey from Panda Express, then you might want to connect with their customer service. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to be connected with their customer service such as:

  1. Take any device with an internet connection then use your browser and type the com/connect in the address bar to open their official website.
  2. Now you can write your comment and feedback in the available field with maximum 400 characters.
  3. Then you need to input the specific store locations and other details into the available fields. Choose the state, city and address from the drop down menu available in the page.
  4. Write down the date that you purchase the product in mm/dd/yy as the format.
  5. Choose your purchase time from the drop down menu.
  6. Write down the order number that available on the receipt that you get from purchasing the product in the specific store locations.
  7. Choose whether you want to receive a respond back from the customer service or not.
  8. Write your first as well as last name in the available field.
  9. Write down your complete address in the available field with your city and correct zip code.
  10. Choose your address state from the drop down menu.
  11. Write down your phone number as well as your email address in the available field.
  12. Click on the send button to send your inquiry.

If you choose to receive a respond back from the customer service then you might need to wait for a few days until the customer service reply back to your inquiry. It may take a few business days for the customer service to respond back to your inquiry. They will use the information that you write down in the inquiry to respond back to you so you might want to be cautious about it.