Tellthebell Sweepstake Survey Win 500 Dollars from Taco Bell

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Go check out if you want to get a chance to win $500 from Taco Bell after doing their survey. The survey itself is done directly by the official management so they can have more information about the customer satisfaction from those who have visited the restaurant before. Then all of the data taken from the survey will be collected by the restaurant management to be studied further so they can enhance their service better according to the feedback that they received. This is why; if you are one of the Taco Bell loyal customer but you want to bring better and new changes in their stores, then you might want to try and taking these survey.

Taco Bell History and Development

If you have not known; Taco Bell is actually a fast food restaurant which has thousands of chain around the countries. Besides operating mostly in US, but they are already open several braches in Canada. Their already have total location for more than 7000 restaurants where more than 175,000 employees are working in those locations to served 2 billions of customers. They are first opened in 1962 by their owner Glen Bell at their first location which is Downey, California. However, now their main headquarter is located in Irvine still located in California and their address is 1 Glen Bell way which actually taken from the Taco Bell founder name.

Actually before opening the Taco Bell which made tellthebell survey sweepstake, Glen Bell actually opens other types of restaurant. His first is just a simple stand that sells hot dog with the name Bell’s Drive-In which located at San Bernardino, California. Then he would open other stand that sells Hamburgers in other location at West Side barrio. Then Glen begins to notice a nice taco place which he takes interest at. He would then visit that taco place regularly so he can learn the recipe and make his own taco. After sometimes, he then gain some trust by the taco place owners which allows him to enter their kitchen to see how they are preparing the foods that they sell. Once he learned everything, then he went to open his first taco stand by using Taco Tia as the first name before developing into Taco Bell that we know today.

Today Taco Bell are serving different Tex-Mex foods which also includes their famous taco, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, as well as specialty items along with several value items. They also once bring in chiliburger as one of their menu which will be called as Bell Burger as well as Bell Beefer menu. That menu is made from loose meat which seasoned using taco seasoning then put into a sandwich by using burger bun along with some cheese, onion, tomato and lettuce. However, along the way, these Beefer menus are removed to keep their lineup strictly Tex-Mex menu. There are also various others menus that are discontinued along the way such as Beefy Burrito, Enchirito (this name is actually brought back to the menu but for a completely different item), Seafood Salad, Fiesta Burrito, Blackjack Taco, and Cheese Burrito.

Who Is Eligible To Participate and Win The Sweepstake Survey?

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To be able to participate and win the sweepstake survey, you must be a legal residence in one of 50 America state as well as District of Columbia. Then when you are entering, you should be at least 18 years old or older to be eligible on this tellthebell com customer survey. You can also check the complete sweepstake rules in their official website from the bottom left corner link.

There are several people that cannot enter the survey or sweepstake such as employee of Taco Bell and their immediate family as well as the people who are living in the same house as them. The administrator from Yum! Brand as well as participating Taco Bell restaurant which includes subsidiaries, affiliates, promotion agencies, advertising agencies, internet agencies as well as other released parties are also cannot participate in the sweepstake.

The entry period of this customer satisfaction survey sweepstake is already beginning in 30 of June 2017 at 12.00 am CT then it will end in 26 of June 2017 at 11:59:59 pm CT. There are 13 entry periods where the participant can join with their individual start date, end date as well as drawing date. Entries that are not winning in the previous periods will not be carried forward to the next entry periods. For the official time, you can try to see it in the official website as the webhost will be the official device for time keeping entries.

Methods to Enter the Taco Bell Survey

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To be able to enter the sweepstake and the survey, there are actually two methods that you can do which are the online method and mail or offline method. For the online method, you can participate after you get the unique code. This unique code will be printed by the cash register on the receipt that you received after you bought any beverage or food in eligible Taco Bell store. Then you can use the code to enter the feedback survey on the official website and get one entry once you complete the survey. The survey would be valid during the appropriate entry period only.

For the offline method which is by mail, then you can actually participate even without purchasing any beverage or food in eligible Taco Bell store. All you need to do is to write your fist as well as last name, your complete address which includes PO Box, state, city, zip code, email address, phone number as well as your birth date in mm/dd/yy format in a paper with 3 inches by 5 inches size. Then put the paper inside business size number 10 enveloped with enough postage and send it to the Taco bell Official Sweepstake Survey in P.O.Box 251328, West Bloomfield in MI 48325. Your mail must be received at maximum on Tuesday before the end of the entry period in tellthe bell website. For this offline method, the entry limit is only one entry for one person in one entry period. If you are sending another entry using the same name and email address within one entry period then the second entry would be deemed invalid.

How to Enter Taco Bell Sweepstake Survey Online?

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For the online method, you might be curious on the steps by steps method that you need to do in order to enter the survey. Actually entering the sweepstake survey is very easy, but first you need to ensure you have several things in your hand so you can take the online survey easily such as:

  • The receipt that you get from Taco Bell purchase which has 16 digit code to enter the survey. But if you cannot find the code for the survey, you may also enter the store code as the survey code. You can find the code on the top of the receipt with the writing “Survey Code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX” where the X is the code that you need to enter.
  • The date on which you visit the store. You can actually also use this date as the survey code if you cannot find the code for the survey.
  • The time on which you visit the store. You can actually also use this time as the survey code if you cannot find the code for the survey.
  • Any device with browser and internet connection

Now, once you are sure that you have all of those things we mentions above, now you can try to do the survey and get entry on the sweepstake by following these steps:

  1. Use your device browser to open which is the official website of the survey sweepstake.
  2. Enter the 16 digit code that you can get from the receipt. You will also see a picture of receipt example as the guide where you can find your survey code on the official website.
  3. Click start then you will be directed to the next page.
  4. Answer all of the questions in the page that you open which would be about the experience that you feel when you visit the Taco Bell store where you get the code from.
  5. Try to answer all of the questions honestly since it would be affecting the Taco Bell development. You can also put all of your tell the bell complaint while answering all of those questions.
  6. After you have answer all of the questions in the survey then you will also be invite to participate in a tellthebell win 500 Make sure you are a legal residence in one of 50 America state as well as District of Columbia and you should be at least 18 years old or older to enter the sweepstake.
  7. Fill in all of the contact information needed for you to enter the sweepstake survey into the available fields.
  8. Click next which means you have finished the survey and enter the sweepstake.
  9. Now you only need to wait for Taco Bell to contact you if you are one of the lucky winners of the sweepstake.
The Winner Drawing and Selection for Taco Bell Sweepstake Survey

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If you are curious about the winner drawing and selection which done by Taco Ball from all of the sweepstake survey entry, actually they will do random drawing to select the winners. The drawing will be done after the end of the entry period at the drawing period. The drawing itself is done by administrator which then select 4 random potential winners from the eligible entry submitted within the entry period. Then those potential winners would be verified once again for their eligibility which should be compliant to the official sweepstake survey rules.

Once the winners are verified they will then be notified by the administrator approximately within a week from the corresponding drawing date. The notification itself will be done first by phone on which the winners would be asked for their complete mail address which will be used for the prize fulfillment. In the case where the winners cannot be contacted directly, the administrator will then leave a voice message for the winners in their contact with complete instruction that the winner have to follow. If there is no follow up respond by the winner on maximum 3 business days, then the winner will be considered forfeits from their prize.

The winners might be considered disqualified from the 500 survey when the prize and notification send to the winners as well as other form of communication done is returned to be undeliverable. The winners might also be considered disqualified when they are failing to respond within the specified timeframe which will be included in the notification sends to the winners.

The Prize that Winner can Get from Taco Bell Sweepstake Survey

When you enter the survey and sweepstake at tellthe then you would be able to get some prize. The prize itself will be delivered to the winner’s address in the form of 500 dollars check directly made out using the winner’s name. There are four prizes that you may win in every entry period with total 52 prizes. The prize will be mailed to the winner’s address which provided directly by the winner during the phone notification period. The prize will be mailed at approximately within six to eight weeks from the verification period. The list of all past and current winners will be listed on the official website.

As you can see, the tell the bell sweepstake survey which held by Taco Bell fast food restaurant has very interesting price to win. Thus if you are truly eligible according to the official rule we listed above which you can also see on the official website, then you might want to try and enter the sweepstake. You can still enter the sweepstake even when you do not purchase anything from the Taco Bell, but if you have purchase something then you can do the survey in tell the official website.